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About us


DreamBuilders Alliance utilizes an interactive system of educational, economic, health, and social programs to assist the impoverished, the isolated and the displaced in becoming self-sufficient and productive members of their communities. 


  • Through a progressive housing program, distressed properties are acquired as training facilities. Licensed contractors train workers in the trades while rehabilitating the properties.  Renovation of properties will include green technologies, making use of solar energy conversions and high-efficiency equipment. Rehabilitated properties become temporary housing or affordable rental housing for the workers who provided sweat equity and for others in need, while providing visible improvements to the community.  Larger renovated buildings shall be used as community centers, with military veterans serving in paid leadership roles. 
  • Internship programs with businesses provide a wide assortment of job training, enhancing job skills and reducing the community’s joblessness.  After their internship period expires, the organization will assist the interns in their search for permanent jobs.
  • Educational programs enable challenged individuals to function in their communities and compete in the job market.  Programs to include ESL, computer training, public transportation training, and job interview training.
  • Counseling services assist challenged individuals to secure their basic needs and guarantee their human rights.  Battered women and their children will be provided protective shelter and counseling by social workers. 
  • An alliance of daycare centers provides jobs and job training, while enabling parents to seek and engage in gainful employment.  
  • Through an alliance of healthcare providers, the organization obtains free or highly-discounted medical, dental and vision-care services for the needy. 

This is how we plan to help get America working again.  This how we plan to enhance the American labor force and improve the conditions our communities. 


Funding for programs shall be supplied through federal and state grants, private donations, and through volunteer service.

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