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Welcome to the DreamBuilders Alliance.  We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of human rights and community service. 

DreamBuilders Alliance offers support to returning military veterans, immigrants, refugees and the distressed by providing a respectful and comprehensive array of assistance programs.  Our mission is: Dare to Dream...Build the Possible.

Many of our veterans returning from active duty find that there is little for them to return to.  For some, their families have endured extreme hardship while they were on active duty.  Some suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and are unable to readjust to civilian life. For our heroes to fight overseas and not be cared for adequately here at home is simply unacceptable. 

Immigrants and refugees are discovering in America that freedom comes with a price.  Currently, charitable organizations are able to provide assistance in gaining entry in the United States, but after refugees set foot on American soil, most organizations are only able to continue with assistance for an average of 90 days.  After that, these new residents are on their own for survival.  With little or no English-speaking ability and limited access to transportation, they find it difficult to secure gainful employment to pay for housing.  Even sponsors are hard-pressed to find suitable housing for newcomers on a limited budget.  The recent economic downturn has led to escalating costs, resulting in higher costs for food, transportation, energy, and housing.  As the melting pot of civilization, we can do a better job of securing their futures as American citizens.

Our own citizens have come under siege with a shrinking job market and rising costs of living.  We supposedly have stimulus plans, but have not seen enough of the fruits of those plans in the public sector.  We aim to direct those programs directly to the citizens who need assistance and some sense of hope.

We have a vision of the American Dream being a reality for all.  We invite you to share that vision and join us on our mission.  Want to know more?  Learn more about us in the Abou
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